General Terms and Conditions

Please read the following information to ensure that you fully understand all booking terms and conditions, how payments are made and our cancellation policy.

1. How to Book

a) Fill out the reservation forms and send them to Weekend Getaways. On receipt of your reservation form, we will send you an Invoice for your enquiry. Once you receive your confirmation invoice, you are supposed to make a deposit as per the invoice details, which varies in percentage depending with the service you are seeking from weekend getaways. Your deposit acts as the booking confirmation. The Balance is cleared as agreed on the invoice details.

2. Cancellation

Cancellations are only effective on receipt of written notification. If cancellation is prior to 8 weeks before departure your deposit is forfeited. If your cancellation is made after the due date for full payment of your tour fare, charges will be levied. The scale of charges, expressed as a percentage of the tour prices, is as follows:
More than 8 weeks notice ~ Deposit forfeited;
Less than 8 weeks notice ~ Deposit plus 25%;
Less than 4 weeks notice ~ 50%;
Less than 3 weeks notice ~ 60%;
Less than 2 weeks notice ~ 100%.
Should you fail to show up or leave it prior to its completion.

3. If you Change Your Booking

After your booking has been confirmed, should you wish to make any changes to your itinerary or wish an earlier departure date, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests based on availability. However, there may extra costs involved to accommodate your request. These costs are in addition to the fee quoted to your for your initial itinerary. Normal cancellation fees apply if you wish to postpone your departure.

4. Methods of Payment

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Mpesa, Wire transfers, Local cheaques and RTGS.

5. Baggage

For safety and because space is restricted, baggage in some charter aircraft is restricted to a maximum of 15 kg per person in a soft bag. This includes camera equipment and carry-on baggage. Should guests arrive with excess baggage without prior warning their baggage could be delayed, as we may have to fly the baggage into camps at a later stage at considerable extra cost to you. However, should the guests know in advance that the baggage will exceed the limit; we can usually book an extra seat for the bags on the aircraft, at an additional cost to them.

6. Wild Animals

Please be aware that our safaris may take you into close contact with wild animals. Attacks by wild animals are rare, but no safari into the African wilderness can guarantee that this will not occur. Neither Weekend Getaways, nor their employees, can be held responsible for any injury or incident on the safari. Please note that most safari camps in Kenya are not fenced.

7. Passport & Visas

The onus is upon the guest to ensure that passports and visas are valid for the countries visited. Weekend Getaways and their staff cannot be held liable for any visas, etc. not held by the guests, nor the cost of visas.

8. Health

Tropical Disease precautions should be commenced prior to departure. Please consult you doctor for specific advice. If you are a contagious-disease carrier, you must let us know when booking your safari.

9. Not Included

(This varies from itinerary to itinerary) Beverages in certain areas; personal laundry at certain camps; gratuities to guides, paddlers and to staff; any excursion not related to the safari; optional meals, transfers and departure taxis.

10. Changes to Schedules

Although every effort is made to adhere to schedules it should be borne in mind that the Company reserves the right and in fact is obliged to occasionally change routes and camps on safaris as dictated by changing conditions. Such conditions may be brought about by seasonal rainfall on bush tracks, airfields and in game areas, by game migrations from one region to another, or airline or other booking problems, etc.

11. Refunds

Whilst the Company uses its best endeavours to ensure that all anticipated accommodation is available as planned, there shall be no claim of any nature whatsoever against the Company for a refund either in the whole or part, if any accommodation or excursion is unavailable and a reasonable alternative is not found. If the guest is unable to use any service provided in the itinerary, then there are no refunds due.

12.Flights & Train Bookings

The Company can book scheduled airline flights and Trains to, from and within Africa. However, please note that a service fee will apply. We cannot be held responsible for any schedule changes, delay or cancellations that occur and that consequently affect your travel arrangements.

13. Prices

We will do our utmost to keep to the prices as quoted. Should increases be forced on us by exchange rates or state taxes etc., we reserve the right to surcharge without notice.

14. Delays

We cannot be held liable for any delays or additional costs incurred as a result of airlines and Trains not running to schedule.

15. Consent

The payment of the deposit OR any other partial payment for a reservation on a safari constitutes consent by all guests covered by that payment to all provisions of the conditions and general information contained in this document whether the guest has signed the reservation form or not. The terms, under which you agree to take these safaris, cannot be changed or amended except in writing signed by an authorized director of the Company.