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Has 30,000 km, ESA, ABS, new battery last week and weighs in at 547 lbs wet with a sobering 167 bhp (146 rwhp @ 86 ft lbs torque) if you are so inclined to use it all. M16 x 1. You fill through the level plug, so it goes in better when the bike's on its side stand - it takes 1L of 80w90 mineral oil. Oil Catch For Sale Online. Remove the oil drain plug. Get the latest Specifications for BMW R1200RT 2005 Motorcycle from mbike. After I told him he would have to replace the oil pan he told me I could get a helicoil. Of course the OP's use of 12 pt sockets made me wince when I heard that. Help, my drain plug seems to have seized and won't budge. I figured they must have used a torque wrench. Dealer quoted $450 for this work, I did this for about $60! Parts: 1L of Castrol SAF-XO/ Syntrax 75W90 1 x washer for FD - 33117695219 1 x washer for FD - 07119963132 1 x washer for Gearbox - 07119963300 1 x washer for Gearbox - Some caution about tightening the oil drain plug. Aug 12, 2010 · What I think I know: Drain the oil from the two screws at the bottom, remove the top end caps on the forks, remove old springs and replace with new, fill up with oil. The purpose of such oil is to lube the universal joint, which in the case of the R27 is an open dry plastic disk. K-Bike ,Oilhead, K1300 & R1200W/ R1250W (Watercooled Bikes) & All S1000 Oil Filter Wrench, Steel ( Also F800/650 Twins& K1200S/R) $8. Wait until all oil is completely drained. I always wrap the threads of the drain plug with Teflon pipe joint tape, and tighten firmly, but not excessively, using a 7" 3/8 drive. Check O-ring (2) for damage; replace if necessary. 6pt sockets are soooooo much more relaible and do less damage. Engine / Mechanical - BMW E46 DIY. Maybe this combined with oil being on the threads is what is happening when the strip the drain plug threads. Uses with BMW bikes include final drive,oil drain plug,brake caliper bolts,suspension. Remove the fill plug and wait until it's all cleared out, then get some tin foil and fold it under the filter and shape it so it funnels oil that flows out from the filter base into the drain tray. Note: the oil comes out fast, so be ready with a drain pan, preferably with a screen to catch the nut if you drop it, and to allow a high oil flow. No torque wrench, no strongarming, just a normal turning. torque normally and you won't have problems. I then accidently added about 10oz of the fluid to the engine oil reservoir instead of the transmission. I have no clue were to order it and what size to get. The “Enduro” mode enhances the R 1200 GS for off-road riding. And stop doing it! Plus a better than stock replacement drain plug for a 2003 Cadillac CTS. suzuki parts. When finals drives started cathching on fire BMW decided to go back to using non "lifetime" oil and changing the oil. Oil drain plug, M16 x 1. Sometimes they stick to the plug, so you may not have noticed it, or it might be gone. Engine oil pan drain plug: 20-22 foot-pounds. The gear position indicator switch (potentiometer) is mounted to the back of the gearbox with the electrical connector and switch. Drain plugs are not plugs one wants to be guessing "this is about tight enough" torque value. (Last oil change was done by the dealer) When installing the new plug, it was turning, met some resistance, and then whoops, it just kept turning. 3. You search Auto repair manual PDF 2016 bmw r1200 gs drain plug torque value, if there are search results will appear below. when you change your oil) This part is a genuine BMW item. Since I've not done a Ural oil change in 2 years, I watched the old video to bone up first. Note Move the motorcycle so that the oil drain bore is at the very bottom. Tightening torque, 25 Nm. Torque to 17 ft-lbs (23 Nm) initially, then to 24 ft-lbs (32 Nm). pre-owned. The crankcase pressure will almost inevitable blow some oil into the air box. I've never stripped a drain plug. Additional Tightening torques 0A11 - R 1200 GS. V strom 1000 vs BMW r1200gs LC. Jan 25, 2011 · R1200GS: 60,000 mile service [page 4] ‘I installed 180 CC of gear oil through the ABS/speedo sensor opening using a syringe. While pouring out the old oil I realized my drain plug crush ring was at the bottom of the pan, and I neglected to get a new one when buying all my oil, and filter and items to change the oil. Just a thought The gearbox has a level plug on the side & a drain plug at the rear, just in front of the crossover -17mm head with a crush washer. Drive Belt Replacement Zeckhausen Modified Clutch Delay Valve Silver NR Gauge Install Spark Plug Installation Oil And Filter Change Oil And Filter Change Dinan Cold Air Intake ESS Tuning 7 PSI Supercharger EvoSport Underdrive Pulley Set Ground Control Air Box Screen I'm 63. Engine Swap . 50. Bob's everyday LOW Kit price is 10% OFF suggested retail! It has everything you need for an oil change (but the kitty litter). I use a Tourtech filler cap removal tool. ser redirigido a el nuevo sitio kawasaki de Latinoamerica www. Just make sure to clean the areas around the base of the oil filter housing with brake spray and compressed air to minimize contamination possibilities. I believe the final drive calls for 17; that sounds about right for the oil as well. 31 5 600. The faulty switch is a fairly common issue with the BMW R1200GS and other BMW R1200 series motorcycles. New Genuine Honda Civic B16 Si Rear Engine Mount T Bracket 50827-s04-n10. Engine Swap Bracket Sbc Ls Conversion Motor Mount Adjustable Plate Ls1 3. Draining oil from rear wheel drive Remove oil drain plug (1) with O-ring (2). You can sign up for e-mail notifications when other riders answer you. If I did use a torque wrench on an oil drain plug I'd use much less than 31 ft/lbs. I’m changing my oil for the first time and noticed the crush washers were oriented differently and the change before was supposedly done by a factory certified Yamaha dealership. After a lot of swearing, I bit the bullet and just ordered a new pan with the plug on the front (where it should of been in the first place). Oil drain plug crush washer orientation The Roadstar Clinic. From batteries to nuts and bolts, oil and filters, fairing parts, seats, windshields and saddlebags! Oil drain plug crush washer orientation The Roadstar Clinic. 0l 2004-2010 Chevrolet Optra 2 Transmission oil drain plug on 1200 Consequently I suck the oil out now so don't hafta remove the plug. Crush washers are meant for allowing a perfect seal and they will "crush" a little bit, preventing you to over-tight the bolt. Looking to buy x spanner? We showcase a broad group of X Spanner and much more. I understand that the oil drain plug uses a crush washer (also replace each use), but really don't know why you torque to one level, stop, and then proceed to another. I agree with TCM that the (absent a torque wrench), the best way to tighten the plug is a quarter turn past hand tight. Undo the plug and remove it and let the oil drain. For riders who prefer minimalist machines, the House of Munich has launched the 2001 MY BMW R1100R. Also, I find it useful to have the bottom of the engine exposed for more than cooling purposes. 5 : Initial torque, 23 Nm (17 ft-lbs) Threaded plug for locking at TDC in crankcase M16 x 1. Place a drain pan below the drain plug and unscrew the plug. Filling Gearbox Oil. 5 30€Nm Bracket, engine guard to crankcase M8 x 25 19€Nm Oil drain plug to crankcase M20 x 1. Nov 27, 2010 · I'm no engineer, but that's what the reprom cd shows. Why buy used parts? Surely the parts are already half worn out? bmw r1200rt torque specs. lb. • Coat Buy Bmw Fits on eBay now! No Results for "bmw fits" Similar to Bmw Fits on eBay. 25 and thus a 14MM crush washer fits. Looking to buy 1500uhl Ss 12pt? We feature a huge array of 1500uhl ss 12pt and other relevant listings. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Torque for the engine oil drain plug is 42Nm (31 ft/lbs). 75 quarts of oil total (see Paul Glaves "Oil Change") My buddy was prep-N my bike for my first track day on my 10r and he stripped my drain plug. The ABS sensor and drain plug O Contents80 19nm diaphragmFt) recommended torque settingsKtm rc8rleading trading marketplacem6 boltStrength anodized billetSteel bolts. Assembly of crankcase. The multi-pass interior design of the innovative "8" muffler offers a big expansion volume to enable an increase of engine power and torque in combination with the well-known sonorous Remus sound. NOT ft lbs except for the lug nuts value. Oil  $8. Removing gearbox potentiometer. motorcycle Titanium Bolt for BMW R1200GS ADV 10-13 M10 Bolt for BMW F800R 09+ Aluminium Bolt for BMW R1200GS ADV 14-15 Back in Black. 20 Oil in the airbox It is normal to find a little oil in your airbox. If you do your own oil changes then you'd best pay mind to what I'm hipping you to. M10 Bolt for Kawasaki ZX6R 09-12 M6 Bolt for Kawasaki Z1000 10-13 Details about… The gearbox has a level plug on the side & a drain plug at the rear, just in front of the crossover -17mm head with a crush washer. Ultimate Compact Adventure Designs BMW F650 Single GS, CS, Dakar Tool Kit. LIFETIME WARRANTY Ultimate Compact Adventure Designs Tool Kit for BMW R1200GS, GSA, RT, RS, RnineT, HP2 & R MADE IN USA with LIFETIME WARRANTY Ultimate Compact Adventure Designs Toolkit for BMW R1100 GS, R, S, RS & RT MADE IN USA w/ LIFETIME WARRANTY What would happen if I added transmission fluid to the engine oil? 24 Answers. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Reinstall the filler bolt and torque to 30nm. * Always loosen the fill plug before removing the drain plug. Oil change, rear wheel drive (Description in item: 33 00 001) Note Change gearbox oil, warmed to normal operating temperature. <4 quarts of BMW 5W40 Super SYNTHETIC Oil, 1 BMW Oil Filter, and 1 BMW oil drain plug crush washer Oil filter and drain bolt torque 2011 R1200RT drain plug 24 foot pounds You can feel proper torque on a crush washer when tightening and oil filters are Bob's everyday LOW Kit price is 10% OFF suggested retail! It has everything you need for an oil change (but the kitty litter). The MAIN torque settings from the GS manual are (Thanks to Adam #1001 & Gerry #951): Buy Crush Washer x 5, 16mm x 20mm Compatible with BMW Motorcycles 07 11 9 963 252: Oil Drain Plugs - Amazon. 00 ccm (71,03 cubic inches) Two cylinder boxer, 4 Valve type of engine. The oil cooler makes getting the alternator in and out more difficult than anything I've ever had to do on a car, and having the power steering pump in the way makes it impossible. $24. Witness the bad-ass looking Remus 8 Slip-On Exhaust Systems for the 2018+ R1250GS & 2013+ BMW R1200GS LC. 5 25€Nm Cooling oil line to crankcase (inside engine) M6 x 16 8€Nm 11 41 - Oil pump with strainer and drive Oil pump to crankcase M6 x 40, Replace screws Tightening torque, 4€Nm Additional angle of rotation, 90° M6 x 45, Replace screws Tightening torque Stainless steel engine sump drain plug R1200GS The original BMW plug This magnetic sump/oil drain plug can trap small metal filings and metallic micro debris Here is a DIY for the Final Drive a Gearbox oil change. I often did not replace the crush washer systematically on each oil change, but I was told using the same crush washer over and over could damage the threads of the casing in the long run, it makes sense and for what Clutch housing Closing torque 40 (oil screw threads lightly) Wrench angle 32° Housing cover 12 Slave cylinder to gearbox 9 Clutch line to handlebar fitting 18 23 Transmission Oil drain plug 55 Oil filler plug 23 Gearbox to engine block 22 Foot shift lever to footrest plate 21 Selector lever to selector shaft 9 Gearbox cover to gearbox housing 9 Jun 26, 2017 · How to Change the Oil and Filter on an R11xxrt (oilhead). You can see how its stripped from my attemps. We then drained the fluid again, and it looked good. I've never had a loose or leaking drain plug. Oct 30, 2009 · I'm willing to be contrarian: a torque wrench is unnecessary for this. I… Dec 21, 2012 · BMW's new R1200GS engine features rugged unit construction in which gearbox and clutch (now wet) are housed in the main case, and cylinders are cast in one piece with the vertically split case halves. $1,200. Oil catch pan Torque wrench Remove the FD drain plug with Hex 6 I know this is an old thread but in case someone else happens upon it through a search of some kind (like I did) perhaps this info will prevent somebody a headache: the size of the DL1000 oil drain bolt is M14 x 1. BMW's SAE 5W40 Advantec Ultimate Full Synthetic Engine Oil is the recommended oil for the new water cooled R1200 and R1250 models. Aug 03, 2014 · This is some information about transmission oil change. Always best to start with the minimum recommended torque. 67 New Gm Complete Engine Dohc 16 Valve L4 2. Oil Drain Plug(s) and Crush Washer(s) in 130K + miles on 2 C10's I've never replaced the oil drain plug aluminum sealing washers. Tightening torque A crush washer is aluminum, and smashes a bit to make a tight seal when you torque the plug in place. Don't cheap out when changing your oil! This crush washer is factory recommended to be replaced each time you remove your drain plug (i. BMW pulled out all the stops in design with a sound that only 13:1 compression can create! More Miscellaneous - BMW E46 DIY. 28. . As a beginner, I broke an oil pan on my old Nighthawk, an Discussions for every bike Bikez has discussion forums for every bike. Kawasaki-LA. The scrote, sorry BMwa*k 'technician' and I use the term loosely, who performed the running in check on my bike decided to reuse the old washer on the sump plug even though it was scrap, consequently its dripping and needs to be changed. Contents Bmw hp4 14+ bmw bmw hp4 Bmw motorrad brand 10-13 r1200rt (10-13). Not sure if it was a BMW or aftermarket one but after I got home I noticed it leaking so I tighten it to specs & it quit. New BMW K-Bike Oil Filter Cover O-Ring $2. The bike is an '09 model and I bought it used, it has about 40k miles and I have never changed its oil BMW Motorrad Race ABS 0129-BMW Motorrad Race ABS and DTC 00 00 111 BMW Service Description Value Valid Oil filter to engine Coat seal with engine oil 11 Nm Oil drain plug to oil pan M16 x 1. A soft throttle response, restrained control intervention on the part of the Enduro ASC, optimum brake distribution and ABS control in conjunction with the high-traction set-up of the optional Dynamic ESA get the motorcycle ready to explore new enduro worlds. com. The harder you run the bike, the more oil you will find in the air box. Oil Catch Reservoir Breather Can Tank +filter Kit Cylinder Aluminum Engine Black. The BMW R 1200 GS Adventure is a 4 stroke, Enduro bike with a Oil and air cooled 1170. Current BMW breakers Please note these bikes are not for resale as complete units USED SPARES. Best to stay with the OEM aluminum style plug(s) and be mindful of the torque value for the plug. Shop right now! 2016 bmw r1200 gs drain plug torque value. Stupid putting too much torque on it, but you can't very ContentsYamaha fzs1000 fazerKawasaki zx10r 06-07Original slide pin boltValves camshafts cover 11127723593. Can somebody please point me in the right directon please M8 Bolt for BMW K1200R 05-08 M8 Bolt for bmw r1200gs adv 06-07 M10 Bolt for BMW K1200R 05-08 M6 Bolt for bmw r1200gs 05-07 denali horn mounting bracket bmw r1200gsw ’15-’17 & ADV ’14-’17 $19. Sometimes that's where an oil leak is first seen, and an exposed drain plug can more easily be monitored and accessed. Brass will not provide the same thermal dynamic qualities. I've never used a torque wrench on a drain plug. Anyone out there know what the torque settings are for the R12GS sump plug and the oil filter please. The torque spec. Titanium Bolt for Yamaha R1 04-06 Titanium Bolt for Kawasaki Z1000SX 10-13 SHOP THE official et3. Add about 3. Sale on Kawasaki Klr250 Klx 250 that is matched to your satisfaction - Free shipping on certain Kawasaki Klr250 Klx 250. Drain the oil. It gives a feel for how tight is tight enough. We Specialize in Customer Service. • Fit new seal and screw in drain plug. 5 42€Nm Assembly of crankcase M10 x 130 Tightening torque, 25€Nm Additional angle of rotation, 90° Engine guard to bracket M6 x 20 8€Nm Anti-twist plate (friction bearing) to crankcase M6 Sep 02, 2017 · R1200/R1250GS Final Drive Fluid + Spline Lube + Magnetic Drain Plug BMW R1200RT/GS wethead valve check procedure and spark plug change MAX BMW Garage R1200GS Oil Change R1200GS Oil & Filter Change – What You’ll Need: 4 litres new engine oil Oil filter & new sump plug crush-washer Oil filter removal tool Oil filler cap removal tool 3/8″ square drive ratchet / socket wrench 10mm & 13mm sockets, 8mm Allen key or Allen socket Oil funnel & oil drain container for old oil (old washing up bowls are excellent;-) Paper towels and/or cloth rags oil drain plug r1200gs When I had the dealer do the first service I had them install a magnetic drain plug just as I have done several times on other bikes. Please be sure to check the length of your Front A closer look at the gearbox (Getrag 260/6) and the drain and fill plugs. The drain plug is done by feel too. Can Cylinder Oil Engine Catch Tank Reservoir Breather Kit +filter Black Aluminum. Always torque to factory specs only and don't forget to install your new crush ring. BaronVonGrumble 401,748 views. 10- Clean the drain plug and fit new crush washer. What I do with my BMW R1200GS Search this site Torque Values. We flushed out all the fluid, put some new fluid in, tightened the drain plug and ran the bike (bad weather) for about 30 minutes. 5 Sump Oil Drain Plug Bolts for BMW K 1600 GTL K 100 RS K* they are manufactured to fit For the BMW R1200GS & R1200GS ADVENTURE and are sent 2001 BMW R 1100 R . Unknown origin, possibly Kristian #562 Updated by Winter, 23 November 2005 Please read the Disclaimer before attempting any work in this FAQ. All this without removing the forks from the bike . In 2005 there was no drain plug for the final drive. NOTES FOR THIS DIY: * The vehicle must be basically level when filling and adjusting the fluid level. I use the low side of specifications for this pan drain bolt (often called a drain plug). 99 The DENALI horn mount for the 2015-2017 bmw r1200gs and 2014-2017 BMW R1200GS Adventure is a bike. John Some folks will, temporarily, just seal the drain plug with some sort of sealant, as the driveshaft oil change period is not at all critical. The R 1200 GS Adventure responds dynamically in any situation thanks to the legendary 92 lb-ft of flat-twin torque and 125 bhp delivered by the new, air/liquid-cooled 2-cylinder 4-stroke engine. M20 x 1. filter Oil filter Oil drain plug Oil pump Mesh filter basket to BMW No. 5. Stories from the legendary road kept coming; foremost, the notorious I settled in on Permatex Gasket Maker. 20/07/2019· Oil drain plug crush washer orientation 05-05-2019, 05:32 PM . 5 28 Nm Threaded plug to timing-gear cover M32 x 2 10 Nm Cylinder-head cover to camshaft bearing assembly M6 10 Nm SLS gallery to cylinder-head cover M6 x Just got done doing the 12,500KM service on the Gear Up I recently picked up. 2018 BMW R1200 GS Adventure. 21 Pushed the rubber plug covering the timing hole into engine The BMW has incorporated a service indicator light as a maintenance schedule reminder for many years. The dealer put the plug on very tight the first time. 32 Nm torque, 25 Nm. All Ford RWD trans had a converter drain plug till about 10 years ago, dunno about FoMoCo wrong way drive stuff, haven owned or touched one in over 25 years replace every 6K miles, remove oil drain plug (8mm hex), remove oil filter and old gasket, install drain plug with new crush washer, torque to 23 ft. Introducing the new BMW R 1200 GS and the new R 1200 GS Adventure, BMW Motorrad is opening up yet another chapter in the story of highly successful GS models which, for almost three decades, have been the epitome of the large-capacity grand touring enduro. Additional angle of Oil drain plug to crankcase. I assume it has to do with the design of the spark plug seal washer, but I have no idea of the specifics. It breaks the chemical reaction of the dis-similar metals, seals, and preserves the fragile inner threads of that oil plug hole. USA MADE. 2015 BMW R1200GS Adventure www. With filter, you will need 3. Who is paying $20 for a BMW oil filter? Retail cost is $18. I want to keep oil plug gasket; timing chain BMW F650 ST GS CS Dakar G650; timing chain BMW K1200; Oil filler plug - silver; Oil filler plug - titanium; Aluminum inspection plug - black; oil plug M18x1,5 for BMW motorcycles; exhaust gasket BMW K75; head gasket for F 800; timing chain tensioner for BMW R1200 left side; tension repair set for BMW S1000 RR S1000XR Largest supply of adventure motorcycle parts and accessories like panniers, top cases, luggage, crash bars, skid plates, headlight guards, tank bags, dry bags BMW R1200RT 2005 Motorcycle Photos and Specs. I am new to BMW bikes and this posting made me feel a lot easier doing my first oil change. <4 quarts of BMW 5W40 Super SYNTHETIC Oil, 1 BMW Oil Filter, and 1 BMW oil drain plug crush washer Buy Crush Washer Aluminum 16 x 20 Compatible with BMW Motorcycles: Parts Washers - Amazon. ) 13. Go and have a coffee and then inspect the oil level with bike on the main stand. Parts, Accessories, Sidestand Foot Enlargers, Brake Pedal Extenders, Stebel Horns, LED Turnsignals, Bar Risers, Lowering Kits, and Protection for your BMW Motorcycle. In this two-part DIY video series we’ll change the fluid and filter on a 2000 BMW 528it (with 225,000 miles). It looks like you just add 40W oil to the transmission, not transmission fluid. How to remove a broken … Stainless Steel M14*1. I would smear a little dab on the oil plug threads and then torque it down to just tight. Tightening torques 0480 - R 1200 GS/Adventure. Tighten the drain bolt gently, feeling the crush washer give slightly, then resist more firmly. I don't use 12 pt sockets on anything unless it is a 12 pt fastener. This isn't a knockoff filter, it's a Genuine BMW part. I have seen others tightening bolts with a torque wrench and when it clicks they give it a couple more pulls. Mind you, I have had my TW since new in 1997 but the poor thing only has 2k miles on it because I have several bikes and hobbies Use disposable gloves as the oil is hot and used oil is carcinogenic. Either way, you need a new one. Disconnect plug of gearbox potentiometer; Release the cable from the cable clips Mar 29, 2015 · After the oil has drained out of the old filter, and I've refilled the oil in the engine, you can use the old filter to tighten the oil filler cap. The Honda book says you can use them twice, but for thirty cents each, I use a new one each time. com! This is a complete stainless steel fastener kit suitable for R1200GS & R1200GS Adventure 2003 - 2007. I am using a standard wrench and the size is correct, it just seems like it's fused in. UK's number 1 supplier of new and used BMW motorcycle spares and accessories Inspection plug crush washer R1200GS Adv Stahlbus oil drain valve M16x1. Clean the underside of  Crash bar to engine, front left, M8 x 16, 19 Nm (14 ft-lbs). Reinstall the drain plug and torque it with correct amount of torque. My transmission was slipping so I bought a transmission additive to help. Whether you ride a classic R65 BMW Motorcycle or a brand new K1600GTL, R1200GS or C650GT, A&S BMW Motorcycles is the best place on the web to buy BMW Motorcycle parts and accessories! We have all the regular maintenance items you are looking for. in manual it say to tighten drain plug to Initial torque, 23 Nm and then Final torque, 32 Nm ?? what does this mean? tighten 23 then leave it to cool? then tighten to 32? And do i need to torque up oil filter to 11 Nm? i usually just to them by hand hardish? fastener torque check (the motor's oil drain plug and filler cap are of Alaska's Dalton Highway On A BMW R1200GS Adventure. M10 Bolt for BMW R1200GS ADV 08-09 Contents R1200rt 10-13 m10 Oil screw threads lightly initial torque Motorcycle complete fairing bolt Triumph tiger 955i t709en brakes m10 bolt for BMW R1200GS ADV 08-09 Research the yearly spend on gasoline for every BMW in our database. 95. The earlier model 1200GS's supposedly had lifetime gear oil in them, but failures in some bikes led to a change of plan from the factory. 00. BMW R1200GS ADV 10-13 SS Race Spec Flanged Hex Front Fork Yoke & Pinch BoltsBolt for BMW R1200GS 10-13 It's me, Alex from Germany, again. If search results do not exist, please search by others keyword. One thing that makes me nervous in tightening the drain plug to the suggested torque value is that I am aware other torque values are based on non-lubricated threads which of course is not the case w/ oil drain bolts. (32 Nm), fill new filter with fresh oil, lube filter gasket with oil, install till it makes firm contact then ½ - ¾ turn at most!!!, add ~3. Install it right. If you prefer to perform your BMW R1100RT 1996 Motorcycle Photos and Specs. Engine Swap Bracket Sbc Ls Conversion Motor Mount Oil Catch Reservoir Breather Can Tank +filter Kit Cylinder Aluminum Engine Black. Free 2-Day Shipping - No Sales Tax (outside NV) - 60-Day Returns - Original OEM BMW Motorrad - Authorized BMW Dealer Find Oil Pan Drain Plugs with Magnetic and Oil Pan Drain Plug Seal Included and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Hi Torque (3) Magnum (3 Tools for your BMW R1200GS, BMW R1200GS Adventure, BMW HP2 Enduro and BMW HP2 Megamoto You will need a torque wrench when you work on your rear wheel, oil filling Tools for your BMW R1200GS, BMW R1200GS Adventure, BMW HP2 Enduro and BMW HP2 Megamoto You will need a torque wrench when you work on your rear wheel, oil filling Nov 05, 2009 · The 2010 BMW R1200GS: Details. M10 x 130 . 5 litres of 10W40 oil. • Use oil filter wrench, BMW No. The Pirate wants to save you the cost of a shop manual (and hopefully get my $100 worth) by listing below the torque values for the 1997-2004 BMW K1200RS and the 02-05 K1200GT. I've done oil changes countless times on many different bikes and NEVER stripped a drain plug. Oct 25, 2013 · I just performed my first oil change on my GS to prepare for winter hibernation. For more than 25 years, BMW Motorradhas used 4-valve technology, combined with electronic fuel injectionand closed-loop catalytic converter technology in order to achieve thebest possible power and torque delivery, efficiency and environmental compatibility. Mar 15, 2016 · R1200GS Torque Values - Motorcycle Info Pages Oil filter, Sealing ring wetted with engine oil 11 Nm (8 ft-lbs) Air intake are taken directly from the BMW REP-ROM for the 2005 model R1200GS then the ft-lb conversions shown below are also correct. So just for the heck of it, I’ve never used one before, I Jun 29, 2008 · Seems amazing to me that BMW would install a large diameter ALUMINUM drain plug in a bike. Clean and then reinstall the oil drain plug having fitted a new crush-washer. I want to keep 2015 BMW R1200GS 2015 BMW F700GS does anyone know what size crush washer is used on the oil plug, tranny drain plug and the final drive drain plug. Remove the oil filler cap on the engine. These instructions are specific to the R1150RT but are very similar for all WARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. , then turn nut an additional 180 degrees (called torsion angle) Tightening torques Metric Oil filter 11 Nm Engine oil drain plug 32 Nm Gearbox oil drain plug 23 Nm Rear wheel drive oil drain plug 23 Nm Locknut valve adjust 8 Nm Cylinder head cover 8 Nm Generator to bracket 20 Nm Tension multiple ripped belt (Poly-V) 8 Nm WARNING: Operating, servicing and maintaining a passenger vehicle or off-road vehicle can expose you to chemicals including engine exhaust, carbon monoxide, phthalates, and lead, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 65 Fits R1200GS Adv R1200R R1200RT R1200S R1200ST R nineT Paralever Torque Arm Fits R1200GS Adv Since then on that bike and later my RTW I just do the hand tight and about 1/3 turn more or so. Oil filter inner cap bolt (used on early Airheads without oil coolers): 20 Nm which is 15 foot-pounds (some books may say 41Nm which is 30 ftlbs, I think that is much too high). Changing your own oil and oil filter is one of the easiest maintenance items to do on an Oilhead BMW. M10 Bolt for Kawasaki ZX6R 09-12 M6 Bolt for Kawasaki Z1000 10-13 Details about… The finest quality custom Kawasaki Klr250 Klx 250 at the best possible price. It's the best kept secret of BMW to have this light reset by the dealership only in order to maintain customer loyalty on routine oil changes and other simple maintenance procedures. In fact we dismantle more BMW motorcycles now than ever, with models from the seventies right up to the latest models. Hi am new to having a BMW I have a 2008 R1200GS and not sure what viscosity of oil to put in as it lists New BMW K-Bike Oil Drain Plug Crush Washers, 6-Pack W/Filter Cover & Fill Cap O-Rings $5. 19:16. 2014 BMW R1200GS For R1200GS BMW Fit Toolbox Repair Bag ADV Package Frame Tool R1200R LC Triangle Triangle Tool LC R1200R For ADV Bag Package Repair R1200GS Frame Fit BMW Toolbox $41. When you are about to reinstall the drain plug, you can do it in two ways. Get the best deals on Motorcycle Parts for 2010 BMW R1200GS when you shop the For BMW Din Hella Plug. This engine then gets the power to the rear wheel with a Shaft drive (cardan) driven transmission. Int he video, and according to my recollection, the oil drain plug has only an o-ring on it. I’ve been changing oil in my cars for almost 30 years, so I know what I’m doing. Oil Drain Crush Washer F650GS-F700GS-F800GS/ST/S/GT Genuine BMW crush washer for oil drain plug on the following models: FG650GS, F650CS, G650GS, G650X. For newer models, BMW now recommends that the final drive oil be changed at least once, early in the bike's life. View comments, questions and answers at the 2018 BMW R 1200 GS discussion group. Be thankful there is a drain, when the R1200GS first came out it was filled with "lifetime" oil and had no drain plug. set screw m6BMW R1200GS ADV 10-13 SS Front Disc Bolt Kit. Why not vent it back to the original crank-case breather? cooler oil will help cool the torque limiter that it flows through (at a stretch) The torque limiter (which has the holes that feed up the breather) is in the same compartment as the oil filler plug so will be exposed to the same pressures. The proper torque for the V-Strom’s drain bolt is not especially firm: 16. If you are stripping your drain plug, you're doing something wrong. F700GS. OEM Crush washer for oil drain plug - It's GS Torque Settings and Clearances. Engine block  23 May 2018 BMW recommends you do your first oil change at 300-750 miles and then every 6000 miles there after. On the 07+ there is a fill plug on the wheel side, either at 2PM or at 11PM, torque to 20nm. 5 , Initial torque, 23 Nm (17 ft-lbs) Final torque, 32 Nm (24 ft-lbs). Add a new 12mm inside diameter crush washer and replace the oil drain bolt, also with your socket wrench and 17mm socket. to/2GlWomV Oil Filter: http://amzn. 95; New BMW K-Bike Oil Drain Plug Crush Washers, 6-Pack W/Filter STEEL Oil Filter Wrench For All K1200S/ R/ R-Sport/ GT, R1200GS/ R/ RT/ ST/ S  Proxxon torque wrenches from 20 to 100 Nm. I use a Snap-On torque wrench that gets calibrated every year and set to zero after every use to insure the proper torque. Bolts supplied are socket Allen NOT Torx. lb. It does not always implies the engine was over-filled. 5 foot-pounds. OEM OR HIGHFLO Oil Filter - Helps keep your oil free of debris and other particles that may be inside of your motor. Clean and oil the speed sensor O-ring and put it in the final drive, followed by the greased speed sensor and then install the screw, the clamp screw, and the clip. At its heart lies a dependable, air-cooled, 1085cc, boxer twin cylinder powerplant mated to a five-speed manual transmission, and can produce 80 horsepower and 98 Nm of torque. Will this damage Followup from the Pelican Staff: I have performed that job by simply opening the oil filter cap and allowing the oil to drain from the housing into the oil pan. Jan 09, 2016 · The results of people who are scared of under tightening old drain plugs. com Key Features. Second hand spares remain at the core of our business. 42 Nm. BMW R1200GS Engine Oil Drain Cup Cover Screw Plug Which i think is still within the quart/1 litre bmw allows ever 1,000km/600miles. Keep in mind that ALL values listed in Nm. Therefore, we cannot just raise the front or the rear to do this job. to/2FD6U8b Air How To: Change Engine Oil on your R1200 GS Adventure (R1200GS/GSA LC, S1000XR) R1200/R1250GS Final Drive Fluid + Spline Lube + Magnetic Drain BMW R1200RT/GS wethead valve check procedure and spark plug  Oil drain plug to crankcase. 5 R1200GS Hey all, It was pouring rain when I got home last night on my TW so after getting out of my rain suit and putting on some garage clothes I set out to change my oil. I got from BMW Motorcycles of Pensacola is 30 ft-lbs or 40 newton-meters. The safest course, I believe, is to use a torque wrench calibrated in Newton-meters Read Document View and Download BMW R 1200 C repair manual online. I haven't actually checked my oil plug torque, but I'd GUESS that 15-18 Lb-ft on the crush washer would be about right. Some torque values to know about on the twin shock models are the shock absorber at 37 Nm; for the rear drive drain plug 23 Nm is max; and for the rear drive fill plug 20 Nm is max. Followup from the Pelican Staff: I have performed that job by simply opening the oil filter cap and allowing the oil to drain from the housing into the oil pan. I've read too many stories of people who have stripped the threads by mis-using a torque wrench on the oil drain bolt. Changed in This is a stainless steel fastener kit suitable for R1200GS & R1200GS Adventure 2008-2012. 2015 BMW R1200GS (mine) If you've taken anything apart then you obviously know how silly it really is to feel the need to use a torque wrench on an oil drain plug 11 40 - Oil supply Cooling oil line to crankcase (inside engine) Banjo bolt, M14 x 1. It stops oil flowing over BMW R 1200 GS Adventure Engine and Transmission. Torque Multiplier Set Wrench Lug Nut Labor Saving Lugnut Remover W 8 Sockets; I don't remember how much oil the bike takes, but I buy the oil, oil filter, gasket, and drain plug washer from the parts department at my dealership using their recommended oil. The other thing I noticed was a bunch of metal swirl inside the gear oil which we suspect must have been from loose thread material that fell into the bath. Totalmotorcycle. Note: 18mm version fits K75/100/1100 series, K1200RS, K1200GT, K1200LT, and carbureted F650. Oil Filter Wrenches, Oil Level Sight Glass, Oil Filler Plug O-Rings, Oil Drain Crush Washers even Disposable Gloves Quality Fuel Filters and Fuel Screens directly from BMW, Bosch, Mahle, Mann, EnDuraLast with Chrome and Glass varieties R1200GS Torque Values - Motorcycle Info Pages Oil filter, Sealing ring wetted with engine oil are taken directly from the BMW REP-ROM for the 2005 model R1200GS then the ft-lb conversions shown below are also correct. Production output. See also R1200GS Engine Oil Change. 2015 BMW R1200GS 2015 BMW F700GS does anyone know what size crush washer is used on the oil plug, tranny drain plug and the final drive drain plug. New BMW K-Bike Oil Filter Cover O-Ring - 5 Pack $10. Get the latest Specifications for BMW R1100RT 1996 Motorcycle from mbike. Brand new 6-pack of engine oil drain plug crush washers for all Oilheads, now with bonus fill cap O-ring at no extra cost! Gorilla on the Oil Drain Plug When I took my M5 in for its first oil change at VOB, I purposely watched the tech tighten the plug (I also made sure he only put in 7 qts). An R27 does not have oil in its drive shaft like a /2 twin. 11 4 650 , to unscrew and remove the oil filter. com! Looking to buy x spanner? We showcase a broad group of X Spanner and much more. torque to 15 ft. 2 litres first, (make sure the drain plug and filter are in place or you will make a huge mess) and replace the fill plug and start the bike and idle it until the oil light goes out. We demonstrate how to change the oil  2 Sep 2017 Parts: Oil: http://amzn. I use the snug enough technique. Torque settings are very useful for the new mechanic who is likely to strip the threads out of the crankcase when tightening an oil plug. Any advise will be appreciated. I hand-tighten the new oil filter, and use a torque wrench for the drain plug. Buy right now. This model has the oil cooler, so let me give a tip: reverse the order of removal and installation of the power steering pump and the alternator. Oil Filter Wrenches The R1200GS uses an odd 12-fluted oil filter, and finding a wrench that fits it can be difficult. e. When I drained the Keep the metal out of your oil! Get a little help from this great magnetic oil drain plug from Hornig. bmw r1200gs oil drain plug torque

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